West Virginia University Institute of Technology Building of Old Main

Cabinet Members

Carolyn Long Carolyn Long
Campus President
Telephone: 304.442.3246
Email: Tech-Administration@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 217 Old Main

David Stretton David Stretton, Ph.D., CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer
Telephone: 304.442.3355
Email: Tech-Business-Office@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 216 Old Main

Barbara Boyd
Chair, Classified Staff Council
Telephone: 304.442.3078
Email: Tech-Classified-Staff@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 117 Old Main

Stephen W Brown, PhD Stephen W. Brown, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Business, Humanities & Social Sciences
Telephone: 304.442.3105
Email: Tech-College-of-BHSS@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: COBE 227

Richard Carpinelli Richard Carpinelli
Dean of Students
Telephone: 304.442.3158
Email: Tech-Student-Affairs@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 325 Old Main

Amy Haddix
President, Student Government Association
Email: Tech-SGA@mail.wvu.edu

Jennifer Wood Jen Wood Cunningham, ‘01
Interim Director of Relations and Communications
Telephone: 304.442.3131
Email: Tech-Relations-Communications@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 201 Old Main

Evelyn Klocke, EdD Evelyn Klocke, Ed.D.
Chair, Department of Nursing
Telephone: 304.442.3020
Email: Tech-Nursing@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 2400 Orndorff Hall

Kevin Lawhon Kevin Lawhon
Director of Human Resources
Telephone: 304.442.3179
Email: TechHR@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 208 Old Main

Dr. Zeljko Zeljko “Z” Torbica, Ph.D.
Dean of the Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering & Sciences
Telephone: 304.442.3161
Email: Tech-College-of-ENGR@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: Engineering Building, Room M-2

Kenneth Howell
Interim Athletic Director
Telephone: 304.442.3121
Email: Tech-Athletics@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: Baisi Center, Room MIII

Carl Gerbasi
Interim Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Telephone: 304.442.3146
Email: Tech-Admissions@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 210 Old Main

Gary McKean Gary McKean
Director of Facilities
Telephone: 304.442.3104
Email: Tech-Facilities-Planning@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: Lanham Maintenance Building – 2nd floor

Rachelle Beckner Rachelle Beckner
Director of Development
Telephone: 304.442.1078
Email: Tech-Development@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 215 Old Main

Lisa Ferrara
Chair, Faculty Assembly
Telephone: 304.442.3379

Garth Thomas
Associate Provost
Telephone: 304.442.3246
Email: Tech-Academic-Admin@mail.wvu.edu
Campus Address: 216 Old Main